Content sources

As an editor, you need to know where you can find/edit what type of content.

The freesewing monorepo

Our freesewing monorepo holds the majority of all our code and content.

Here you can find:

  • Content for in the markdown/org folder
  • Content for in the markdown/dev folder
  • Strings used throughout the software: in the packages/i18n/src/locales folder
Edit, don’t translate

As an editor, you only ever work with the files. The rest is for the translators.

When creating new content, you don’t have to create the other files, only The rest will be created automatically.


FreeSewing uses the Strapi content management system as a headless content management system for various posts:

  • For blog posts on
  • For showcase posts on
  • For blog posts on
  • For newsletter editions

The Strapi instance is available at

Emails sent from our backend

The last bit of content is emails that are sent out from our backend systems. They are in the backend repository.

It’s on our todo list to bring the backend code into our monorepo