The FreeSewing core library is a toolbox for parametric pattern design.

What that means is that FreeSewing is a somewhat nerdy way to design sewing patterns. Patterns are implemented as code, which has a lot of advantages. It allows for patterns that adapt to your measurements or preferences, fine-grained version control, seamless collaboration, and using one’s work as a starting point for you own, to name but a few.

That being said, you don’t have to be a code monkey to use FreeSewing.

There’s no need to know everything

FreeSewing sits at the intersection of the world of makers and developers. If your background is in development, you will need no explaining what SVG is, but might not know much about designing sewing patterns. If on the other hand your background is in sewing or pattern design, you might wonder what the heck React is and why you should care.

Very few people straddle both worlds, so as you start using FreeSewing, chances are you’ll learn a few new things along the way. So let’s dive right in.

If you are familiar with SVG, if you know about Bézier curves, you should jump ahead to Building blocks. If not, go through the Good to know section for a 5-minutes crash-course.

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