Freesewing is proudly multilingual, and for this we depend on translators to help us.

We use crowdin to manage all translations for FreeSewing. It’s an online platform that makes translation a breeze.


English is our origin language. Which means that everything is written in English and then translated from English into other languages.

We currently support the following five languages:

  • en : English (our origin language)
  • de : German
  • es : Spanish
  • fr : French
  • nl : Dutch

If you’d like to start working on a new language, that’s great, but a bit beyond the scope of this documentation. So in that case, please come and talk to us on Gitter.


FreeSewing has two different projects on crowdin:

What is i18n?

You’ll come across the term i18n a lot when we discuss translation.

i18n is short for internationalization, which is an umbrella term for translation, and adapting other things (like dates) to the local language.

To get started, you will need to be invited as a translator. No need to worry, simply let us know you’d like to help out and we’ll add you.