Adding pattern parts

Since the patterns parts are listed in the configuration file, freesewing knows about all the parts that belong to your pattern.

It expects that each pattern has it’s own draft method, that is called draft followed by the capitalized name of the pattern part.

For example, if our pattern Sorcha has a part called back, you should have a draftBack method. It’s good practice to keep each part in its own file, so create a file called back.js. Inside, you export your method to draft this part:

export default part => {
  // Your part code here

  return part

Then, in your index.js file, you import this file, and attach the method to your pattern’s prototype:

import freesewing from "freesewing"
import plugins from "@freesewing/plugin-bundle"
import config from "../config"
// Parts
import draftBack from "./back"

// Create new design
const Sorcha = new freesewing.Design(config, plugins)

// Attach to pattern prototype
Sorcha.prototype.draftBack = part => draftBack(part)

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