Adding snippets

After using the shorthand call, Snippet contains the path constructor, while snippets is a reference to part.snippets, which is where you should store your paths.

Things will now just work when you do this:

snippets.logo = new Snippet('logo', points.logoAnchor);

You can scale and rotate a snippet by setting the data-scale and data-rotate attributes respectively.

  • data-scale : Either a single scale factor, or a set of 2 scale factors for the X and Y axis respectively. See the SVG scale transform for details.
  • data-rotate: A rotation in degrees. The center of the rotation will be the snippet’s anchor point

See Using attributes for details on how to set attributes.

Below is an example of the available snippets, and the use of the data-scale and data-rotate attributes:

/><!-- no extras -->snippets data-scale: 1data-rotate: 0 data-scale: 1.25data-rotate: 0 data-scale: 0.75data-rotate: 90 logo notch bnotch button buttonhole
Overview of available snippets

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