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The buttons plugin provides the following snippets:

  • button
  • buttonhole
  • buttonhole-start
  • buttonhole-end
  • snap-stud
  • snap-socket
An example of the button, buttonhole, buttonhole-start, buttonhole-end, snap-stud, and snap-socket snippets
let { Point, snippets, Snippet } = part.shorthand();

snippets.button = new Snippet('button', new Point(40, 10));
snippets.buttonhole = new Snippet('buttonhole', new Point(80, 10));

The buttons plugin is part of our plugin-bundle


npm install @freesewing/plugin-buttons


Like all build-time plugins, you load them by passing them to the freesewing.Design constructor:

import freesewing from "@freesewing/core";
import buttons from "@freesewing/plugin-buttons";
import config from "../config";

const Pattern = new freesewing.Design(config, buttons);