You know what your bib should look like, and you have the headCircumference measurement to work with. But there’s still a number of choices you have to make:

  • How large should the neck opening be?
  • How wide should the bib be?
  • How long should the bib be?

You can make all of these choices for the user and set them in stone, so to speak.

But since you’re designing a pattern in code, it’s trivial to make your pattern flexible and let the user decide. All you have to do is add options to your pattern.

Add the neckRatio option

The first option we’re going to add controls the ratio between the neck opening and the head circumference. Let’s call it neckRatio.

Open the config file at config/index.js and add this to the options:

  options: {
    // Remove this size option
    //size: { pct: 50, min: 10, max: 100 }
    // And add the neckRatio options
    neckRatio: { pct: 80, min: 70, max: 90 }, 

Can you guess what it means?

  • We’ve added a option of type percentage
  • Its minimum value is 70%
  • Its maximum value is 90%
  • Its default value is 80%

There are different types of options, but percentages are the most common ones. They are all documentation in the API docs.

Let’s do something similar for the width and length of our bib:

options: {
  neckRatio: { pct: 80, min: 70, max: 90 }, 
  widthRatio: { pct: 45, min: 35, max: 55 }, 
  lengthRatio: { pct: 50, min: 40, max: 65 }, 
  • You’ve added widthRatio and lengthRatio options
  • You’ve given all options sensible defauls
  • You’ve given all options sensible maximum and minimum boundaries

Later, you’ll test-drive your pattern to see how it behaves when you adapt the options between their minimum and maximum values. At that time, you can still tweak these values.

Before you close the config/index.js file, make sure to update the optionGroups entry as follows:

optionGroups: {
  fit: ["neckRatio", "widthRatio", "lengthRatio"]

The optionGroups entry does not do anything for your pattern as such. Instead it signals to the frontend that this is how options should be grouped together and presented to the user.

Because you have removed the box option, the pattern no longer draws a box. So let’s start drawing your bib instead.