Setting up the development environment

Open a terminal and enter the following command:

npm init freesewing-pattern

This will load a few dependencies, and then ask you the following questions:

  • Language: Use the arrow keys to select the language of your choice
  • Pattern name: Enter tutorial
  • description: Enter The FreeSewing tutorial
  • Pattern type: Use the arrow key to select Pattern
  • Department: Use the arrow keys to select Accessories
  • Author: Enter your GitHub username
  • GitHub repository: This will be prefilled for you, so just hit Enter
  • Package manager: Use the arrow to choose. Pick NPM if you’re not sure.

After you’ve answered these questions, the default template will be copied, after which all dependencies will be installed.

This will take a few minutes because we’re loading some software for your development environment.

When it’s ready, you’ll need to run two commands in parallel. In the current terminal, enter the directory that was just created for our tutorial pattern and start rollup in watch mode:

cd tutorial
npm run start

Or if you chose to use Yarn as package manager:

cd tutorial
yarn start

Now open a second terminal, and navigate to the example subfolder and run the same command there:

cd tutorial/example
npm run start

Or if you chose to use Yarn as package manager:

cd tutorial/example
yarn start

If all goes well, your browser will open and show the following landing page:

The FreeSewing development environment

Using Windows?

We have tested this on Linux and MacOS, but not on Windows since I (joost) don’t have a Windows machine I can test this on.

If you run into any issues, join our chatroom and we’ll figure it out together.

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