A pattern is a container for a bunch of parts. And parts are in turn a container for the points, paths, and snippets of (a part of) your pattern. Parts can be re-used and mixed and matched to create other patterns, a powerful concept to build a pattern library.

If you design a T-shirt pattern with a front, back, and sleeve, each of those would be a part. If you then wanted to make a long-sleeved version of your T-shirt pattern, you only need to design a new sleeve part. You can re-use the front and back parts of your short-sleeved T-shirt pattern, as they did not change.

When developing a FreeSewing pattern, you will spend most of your time designing the individual parts.

Part A (set 0) Part B (set 0) Part C (set 0) Pattern points paths snippets points paths snippets points paths snippets setStore 0 Pattern Store