FreeSewing Documentation for Developers & Contributors


v3: We're working on it 🤓

The upcoming version 3 of FreeSewing is currently under development. All of the documentation here is being kept up-to-date with the upcoming v3 release.

Visit for the documentation for version 2 of FreeSewing.


What's changed?

Check the FreeSewing version 3 migration guide to learn about what is new in version 3 of FreeSewing, and what changes you should make in your own designs to port them to version 3.

If you have any questions to which you can't find the answers here, please reach out to us on Discord.

Using FreeSewing: TL;DR

1. To go fast, go alone 🚀

All you need is NodeJS; Then run:

npx @freesewing/new-design@next

This command will setup the stand-along FreeSewing development environment for you.


Use this if you want to do your own thing, and not contribute to FreeSewing


Refer to our getting started guides for more info on setting up your development environment.

2. To go far, go together 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

First, fork our monorepo on GitHub, then run:

git clone <url to your fork>
cd freesewing
yarn kickstart

These commands will clone your fork of the freesewing/freesewing repository on GitHub and set it up for development.


Use this if you want to contribute to FreeSewing, for the betterment of all involved


Refer to our infrastructure documentation for more details about how to work with our monorepo.

3. Need help? 🤯

When you have questions or find yourself scratching your head you can contact us in various ways.


While we are all volunteers, we have a pretty good track record of helping people, and we plan to keep it that way. So don't be shy 💜

Support FreeSewing

FreeSewing is fuelled by a voluntary subscription model

If you think what we do is worthwhile, and if you can spare a few coins each month without hardship, please support our work

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