FreeSewingAn open source Javascript library for parametric sewing patterns

Custom-Fit Fashion

FreeSewing is the leading open source library for on-demand garment manufacturing.

Loved by home sewers and fashion entrepreneurs alike, we provide the tech stack for your creative endeavours.

Patterns as Code

FreeSewing designs are implemented as code giving you unmatched power and flexibility.

You can mix and match parts from different designs, extend them, or add options that turn one base design into many.

Using FreeSewing: TL;DR

To go fast, go alone 🚀

All you need is NodeJS; Then run:

npx @freesewing/new-design

This command will setup the stand-alone FreeSewing development environment for you. Learn more.

To go far, go together 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

First, fork our monorepo on GitHub, then run:

git clone <url to your fork>
cd freesewing
yarn kickstart

These commands will clone your fork of the freesewing/freesewing repository on GitHub and set it up for development. Learn more.