The bartack macro allows you to add a bartack marker to your sewing pattern.

It is provided by plugin-annotations, which is part of core-plugins (so it is available by default).


macro('banner', {
  String id='bartack',
  Point anchor,
  Number angle=0,
  Number density=3,
  Number length=15,
  String prefix='',
  String suffix='',
  Number width=3,
  Boolean force = false,



anchorPointThe point to start the bartack from
angle0numberThe angle under which to draw the bartack
density3numberControls how close the stitches are together
idbartackstringThe ID of this macro instance
length15numberLength of the bartack
prefixstringA prefix to apply to the name of the generated path
suffixstringA suffix to apply to the name of the generated path
width3numberWidth of the bartack
forcefalsebooleanSet this to true to display the macro output even when complete is false


This macro takes the complete setting into account and won’t output anything when both complete and force are false.