The sa setting controls the seam allowance. Either provide value in millimeter or set it to false or 0 to disable seam allowance altogether.

Setting a seam allowance causes the pattern to be generated with additional lines so pattern pieces can be cut out with the correct seam allowance included.


const settings = {
  Number|Boolean sa=false

By default, the sa setting is false and seam allowance is not included.


import { Aaron } from "@freesewing/aaron"

const pattern = new Aaron({
  sa: 10


The sa setting does not automatically cause seam allowances to be displayed on a pattern. Instead, it is up to the pattern designer to have the design check for the sa setting and include the appropriate seam allowance lines on the pattern when sa is set to a non-zero numeric value.

The sa setting is automatically set to 0 to disable seam allowance if settings.complete is false.