The complete setting controls the level of detail that is included on a pattern. Set complete to false when the pattern should include only the base outlines needed to cut out the pattern pieces. Seam allowance and all other details will be omitted from the pattern.

This has different use cases, such as generating patterns to be cut out with a laser cutter.


const settings = {
  Boolean complete=true

The default complete setting is true. Set this to false to draft a base outline of the pattern, rather than a fully detailed pattern.


import { Aaron } from "@freesewing/aaron"

const pattern = new Aaron({
  complete: false


The complete setting does not automatically cause pattern detail to be omitted. Instead, it is up to the pattern designer to have the design check for the complete setting, omit the appropriate details if set to true, and include them if set to false.

Setting complete to false will also cause sa to be set to 0 to remove the seam allowance.