Paths are the lines and curves that make up your pattern. They are made up of individual drawing operations that together make up the path.

FreeSewing supports the following types of drawing operations:

  • The move operation moves our virtual pen but does not draw anything.
  • The line operation draws a straight line
  • The curve operation draws a Bézier curve
  • The close operation closes the path

To crucial thing to keep in mind is that, with the exception of the move operation, all drawing operations start from wherever you are currently on your virtual sheet of paper.

For example, you might expect the line operation to take a start- and endpoint. But in fact, it only takes an endpoint, and will draw a straight line from where our virtual pen currently is to said endpoint.

Because all but the move drawing operations are relative to their operation preceding it, all Paths must start with a move operation.


Understanding that each drawing operation builds upon the next one is an important insight.

Part A (set 0) Part B (set 0) Part C (set 0) Pattern points paths snippets points paths snippets points paths snippets setStore 0 Pattern Store

Our example image (which, if you hadn’t realized was created with FreeSewing) has a lot of paths in it. Each box is a path made of 4 lines, and every text label is anchored on a path containing a hidden line.

Click the X-Ray tab to reveal some of the lines in the paths.