Using jargon

Jargon are terms that could throw off new users. Rather than create a glossary on every page, we use a plugin to manage jargon terms for us. This page shows you how to use it.


Think of jargon as glossary terms

Using jargon

To use jargon, it’s sufficient to emphasize the term:

We are migrating from _cjs_ to _esm_ modules

Which renders as:

We are migrating from cjs to esm modules

Adding jargon

To add a new jargon term, you need to add it to the jargon file for the website you’d like to add it to:

WebsiteJargon fileGithub link

The file consists of key/value pairs where:

  • The key is the jargon term
  • The value is the jargon description

Tips for jargon keys

The key in the jargon file should always be lowercase. That’s because we lowercase the term before matching it.

So in your text, you can use ESM, esm, or even eSm, but the key in the jargon file should be esm.

Tips for jargon values

The value can hold HTML tags, just make sure it’s valid HTML and don’t go overboard.

Note that the definition will be italic by default.