Developing a pattern with FreeSewing is similar to doing it on paper. But instead of using a pencil and paper, you’ll be writing code.

Before we can draw any line, we need to know where it starts from, and where it ends. That’s why we have points. They are the most basic building block of a FreeSewing pattern, and their role is to store coordinates.

Each point must have:

  • A X-coordinate
  • A Y-coordinate

Together, these coordinates determine the location of the point in the 2-dimensional plane we’re drawing on.


Points are unlikely to confuse you. The only gotcha is the coordinate system which has a Y-axis that is inverted to what you may intuitively expect.

Part A (set 0) Part B (set 0) Part C (set 0) Pattern points paths snippets points paths snippets points paths snippets setStore 0 Pattern Store

Our example image (which, if you hadn’t realized was created with FreeSewing) has a lot of points in it. The corners of the boxes, the location where the text goes, and so on.

Click the X-Ray tab to reveal them.