A Stack object represents a collection of parts within a pattern. Stacks are used when laying out the pattern.


See Stacks for information about how stacks are used in a pattern.


Stack new Stack(String name)

The stack constructor takes a single argument, a String containing the name of the stack.


Stack objects come with the following properties:

  • attributes : An Attributes instance holding the stack’s attributes
  • parts : A set of parts in the stack
  • name : The name of the stack
  • topleft : A Point that is the top left of the stack’s bounding box
  • bottomRight : A Point that is the bottom right of the stack’s bounding box
  • width : The width of the stack in mm
  • height : The height of the stack in mm
  • anchor : A Point that is used as the anchor to align parts in the stack


A Stack object exposes the following methods: