Adding text

SVG is pretty great, but its text handling leaves much to be desired.

To abstract away the intricacies of adding text to an SVG document, FreeSewing provides the Point.addText() and Path.addText() methods to let you add text to points and paths.

In addition, the title macro not only lets you add a title to your part, it also allows you to add notes.

Wrapping lines

SVG does not provide any line-wrapping, so you will need to be mindful of that when you add longer text.

To facilitate this, FreeSewing will enforce a line break when you use \n in your text.


Text that is added to a pattern typically requires translation. You should break up your text in such a way that it remains possible to translate it.

You can do that either via repeated calls to addText() or you can pass an array of strings, or even a nested array of strings, and FreeSewing will translate all individual pieces prior to concatenating them.


Refer to the insertText hook for details.