Share dimensions between pattern parts

See this example in our source code

When you have different pattern parts that look similar — like the front and back of a garment — you may find that there’s a lot of dimensions shared between them.

The example below is from Aaron where dimensions are shared between the back and front part.

Aaron has a file called shared.js that looks like this:

export function dimensions(macro, points, sa) {
  macro('hd', {
    from: points.cfHem,
    to: points.hem,
    y: points.hem.y + sa * 2.5 + 15
  // more dimensions here

In both front.js and back.js we use this code to add these shared dimensions:

import { dimensions } from './shared'

// ...

  if (paperless) {
    dimensions(macro, points, sa)
    // ... specific dimensions 

Since our shared dimension method is a so-called named export we need to import it with the syntax you see above.