This flags information at the info level.

Info that is flagged is stored in the store under plugins.plugin-annotations.flags.info. The core library does nothing with this info, it is merely stored, much like logs are.

However, in our own UI on FreeSewing.org, we use this mechanism to allow designer to flag information to the user, and even suggest changes to the pattern configuration.


undefined Store.flag.info({
  title: 'flag:expandIsOn.t',
  desc: 'flag:expandIsOn.d',
  notes: [
  suggest: {
    text: 'flag:disable',
    icon: 'expand',
    update: {
      settings: ['expand', null],

Since these methods are not part of FreeSewing’s core API, what you pass to this method does depend on your own implementation. The example above is from our implementation, which uses the following properties:


idStringAn ID for this flag message. If none is provided, title will be used
titleStringThe title of the message
descStringThe description of the message
notesString or Array of StringsMore information/notes (see Notes)
suggest.textStringText to go on the button to implement the suggested configuration change
suggest.iconStringIcon name to go on the button to implement the suggested configuration change. (see suggest.icon)
suggest.update.settingsArrayAn array describing the changes to apply to the settings if the user accepts the suggestion. (see suggest.update)
suggest.update.uiArrayAn array describing the changes to apply to the ui if the user accepts the suggestion. (see suggest.update)


Notes are optional, but allow you to add more text/content to the flag message.

Unlike desc which can only hold a string, notes can hold either a string or an array of strings.

Both desc and notes will be rendered as markdown.


An optional name of an icon. Or leave it out to not render and icon. The idea is that the icon helps convey the message, the following icon names are supported:

  • note
  • info
  • tip
  • warn
  • error
  • fixme
  • expand
  • options

Any other name will be ignored.


Note that the suggest object is optional. Without it, it will merely display a message to the user. However, when a suggest key is present, a button will be created that the user can click to accept the suggested changes.

The suggest.update object has only two possible top-level keys:

  • settings
  • ui

They both take the same parameter, an array with two elements:

Array [`path`, `value`]

This will be used to update the settings of the pattern, or the ui settings on FreeSewing.org.

The way they are updated is by invoking lodash.set on either the settings object or the ui object. Which means:

  • path describes the path to the value to change in dot-notation
  • value is the value to set

So to set the waistEase option to 0.2, it should look like this:

  update: {
    settings: ['options.waistEase', 0.2]


({ store, part }) => {
    msg: `aaron:cutNeckBinding`,
    notes: ['flag:saUnused', 'flag:partHiddenByExpand'],
    replace: {
      width: units(w),
      length: units(l),
    suggest: {
      text: 'flag:show',
      icon: 'expand',
      update: {
        settings: ['expand', 1],

  return part