The Store.extend() method can be used to extend the store with new functionality by passing an array of methods and the path to the location in the store where they should be attached. It is typically not used directly, but rather through a plugin.


Store Store.extend(Array methods=[])

This method is chainable as it returns the Store object

The single argument should be an Array of methods to add to the store. Each entry in the array should be an array itself holding a path in dot notation and a method, as such:

The expected first parameter for the method is the Store instance.

function myCustomMethod(store, ...otherArguments
) {
 // Do something clever

const store = new Store([
  ["", myCustomMethod ]

With the configuration above, you can call and it will run myCustomMethod().

Stores the value of value in the store under key key.


The Store will not allow you to extend any of the following keys:

  • set
  • setIfUnset
  • push
  • unset
  • get
  • extend