Published as @freesewing/snapseries, this package provides series of common sizes for elastics and zippers and series of common intervals to be used with snapped percentage options.


All exports are plain objects with metric and imperial properties that can be used as the snap property for snapped percentage options.

Some exports have metric and imperial properties that are arrays of numbers. These exports and their properties are:

  • elastics: Arrays of common elastic widths
  • zippers: Arrays of common zipper lengths

Other exports have metric and imperial properties that are numbers to allow options to be snapped to multiples of the value. These exports and properties are:

  • smallSteps: Intervals of 1 mm or 1/32 inch
  • steps: Intervals of 5 mm or 1/8 inch
  • bigSteps: Intervals of 10 mm or 1/2 inch


Shell prompt
npm install @freesewing/snapseries


In NodeJS:

import { elastics } from @freesewing/snapseries

myOption: {
  pct: 10,
  min: 5
  max: 35,
  snap: elasitcs,


All measurements are in mm.


Please see Snapped percentage options to learn more about how snapped percentage options are used.