The paperless setting indicates whether a pattern is to be printed onto paper. Set paperless to true when the pattern will not be printed as a standard paper pattern. Instead, the paperless pattern will include a grid overlay, dimensions, and other information.

The grid overlay, dimensions, and other information is intended to help users who might transfer the pattern to paper by hand or using a projector.


const settings = {
  Boolean paperless=false

Set this to true to draft a paperless pattern. The default is false.


import { Aaron } from "@freesewing/aaron"

const pattern = new Aaron({
  paperless: true


The paperless setting does not automatically cause dimensions and other information to be generated on a pattern. Instead, it is up to the pattern designer to have the design check for the paperless setting, include the appropriate dimensions and information if set to true, and omit them if set to false.

The paperless setting does automatically cause the grid to be included.

Setting paperless to true will also cause the margin to not go below 10 mm.