The margin setting allows you to specify a part margin (in mm). Each part will have this margin applied when they are laid out on the pattern. The default is 2 mm.


const settings = {
  Number margin=2


import { Aaron } from "@freesewing/aaron"

const pattern = new Aaron({
  margin: 5


The margin implies that:

  • At the edge of the SVG, the margin will be margin * 1 (2 mm by default)
  • Between parts, the margin will be margin * 2 (4 mm by default)

Setting the margin to zero (or below) will cause parts to overlap.

In paperless mode, the margin will not go below 10 mm. That is because text is not taken into account when calculating the bounding box of the part. Since dimensions are typically the outermost elements in a paperless part, a too narrow margin would cause the dimension text to get cut off.