A Person hold information and measurements on the people we generate patterns for.



The imperial property is a Boolean

  • If the imperial property is false, the person wants metric units.
  • If the imperial property is true, the person wants imperial units.

The measies property holds measurements

These measurements should be structured as an object that can be used for the measurements key in the pattern settings object.

The backend will only accept known measurements listed in the configuration file.

COMMENT by joost
Why we use measies instead of measurements

First of all, measies is a cute and adorable alternative for measurements coined by Karen. She deserves all the credit.

But also, I am slightly dyslexic and for some reason, I often drop the middle e when typing measurements’ (sic).

Those typos lead to bugs and I find it much easier to write measies.
So because fewer bugs, plus did I mention it’s cute?


The settings property should hold the pattern settings

The settings property should hold a settings object that can be passed to the Pattern constructor.