Constant options

If your option is a scalar value (like a string or a number), it will be treated as a constant. Constant options are never exposed in the frontend, but can still be set when using FreeSewing via the API.


Any option holding a scalar value is a constant option.


const part = {
  name: 'example.front',
  options: {
    collarFactor: 4.8,
    fitCollar: false,
  draft: ({ part }
) => part
Why would you use this?

There are typically two use-cases for constant options:

  • Rather than define constants in your code, it’s good practice to set them in your configuration file. This way, people who use your part as a dependency can override them if they would like to.
  • A constant option can be used as a feature-flag. Enabling or disabling parts of the code beyond the control of the end user, but accessible to developers.