Below are the standard measurement names for all measurements currently used by the designs we maintain:

ankleAnkle circumference
bicepsBiceps circumference
bustFrontFront part of chest circumference
bustPointToUnderbustDistance from bust point to underbust circumference
bustSpanDistance between two bust apex points
chestChest circumference at fullest part (but see pluginBust below)
crossSeamDistance from waist line in front, through legs, to waist line in back
crossSeamFrontFront portion of crossSeam
crotchDepthHeight from surface to waist line when seated
headHead circumference
heelHeel circumference
highBustChest circumference just under the arms
highBustFrontFront portion of highBust
hipsHips circumference
hpsToBustHigh point shoulder to bust line
hpsToWaistBackHigh point shoulder to waist line in back
hpsToWaistFrontHigh point shoulder to waist line in front
inseamDistance from crotch fork to floor
kneeKnee circumference
neckNeck circumference
seatSeat circumference
seatBackBack portion of seat circumference
shoulderSlopeAngle that the shoulder line slopes downward, in degrees
shoulderToElbowDistance from tip of shoulder to elbow
shoulderToShoulderDistance from tip of one shoulder to the other, across the back
shoulderToWristDistance from tip of shoulder to wrist
underbustChest circumference just below the breasts
upperLegLeg circumference near the top of the leg
waistWaist circumference
waistBackBack portion of waist circumference
waistToArmpitDistance from waist line to the armpit
waistToFloorDistance from waist line to floor
waistToHipsDistance from waist line to hips circumference, along side of body
waistToKneeDistance from waist line to knee circumference, along side of body
waistToSeatDistance from waist line to seat circumference, along side of body
waistToUnderbustDistance from waist line to underbust circumference, along side of body
waistToUpperLegDistance from waist line to upperLeg circumference, along side of body
wristWrist circumference

Measurements from plugin-measurements

In addition, the @freesewing/plugin-measurements plugin will add the following measurements if the required measurements they are derived from are provided:

MeasurementDescriptionRequired Measurements
seatFrontFront portion of seat circumferenceseat, seatBack
seatBackArcHalf of seatBackseat, seatBack
seatFrontArcHalf of seatFrontseat, seatBack
waistFrontFront portion of waist circumferencewaist, waistBack
waistBackArcHalf of waistBackwaist, waistBack
waistFrontArcHalf of waistFrontwaist, waistBack
crossSeamBackBack portion of crossSeamcrossSeam, crossSeamFront

Measurements from plugin-bust

In addition, the @freesewing/plugin-bust plugin will add and modify the following measurements.

bustBust circumference (bust is set to the value of chest)
chest(chest is changed to the value of highBust)
How to take measurements is documented on

For instructions on how to take measurements, please refer to our maker documentation on