Published as @freesewing/plugin-bust, this plugin helps you adapt menswear patterns for people with breasts. If you are designing a womenswear pattern, you won’t need this plugin. But if you’re adapting a menswear pattern for breasts or merely want to accommodate both people with and without breasts, this plugin can help you accomplish that.


Bash prompt
npm install @freesewing/plugin-bust


Either add it as a part plugins in your design, or add it to a pattern instance with Pattern.use().

To import the plugin for use:

import { bustPlugin } from '@freesewing/plugin-bust'
// or
import { pluginBust } from '@freesewing/plugin-bust'

To import the plugin and condition method for conditional loading:

import { withCondition } from '@freesewing/plugin-bust'


Understanding the use-case for this plugin

Almost all menswear patterns use the chest circumference to draft the garment.

As a person with breasts, using your (full) chest circumference will give you bad fit. Instead, it’s better to use your high bust measurement as chest circumference, and then create extra room for the breasts.

This is the same technique that’s used in a full-bust adjustment to fit a womenswear pattern for a person with above-average sized breasts.

This plugin helps you by:

  • Storing the chest circumference in measurements.bust
  • Changing measurments.chest to the value of measurements.highBust

Use when extending breastless patterns into a with-breasts version

One way this plugin is used is to extend a menswear pattern into a womenswear pattern. In this case, the plugin will always be loaded since the pattern assumes breasts will be present.

This way you can extend a menswear pattern and have it drafted with the high bust measurement as chest measurement, after which you can create room for the breasts.

You can see this in practice in our Carlita design, which extends the menswear Carlton design.


To learn more about extending a design, see Part inheritance

Use when creating gender-neutral designs

To create a truly gender-neutral design — one that will adapt to breasts only if they are present — you can use this plugin, but you’ll also need a few other things:

  • You’ll need to include and mark the bust measurements, including highBust, as optional measurements
  • You’ll need to conditionally load this plugin
  • You’ll need to create your design such that, when appropriate, it is able to produce the condition to cause the plugin to load

You can see an example of this in our Teagan design.

Condition for loading withCondition

For convenience, plugin-bust provides a withCondition named export that is a conditional plugin, an Object consisting of the plugin along with a condition method.

The condition is met if both:

  1. options.draftForHighBust is set to true
  2. measurements.highBust is set

You can use withCondition to conditionally load plugin-bust, or you are free to instead create and use your own condition method to pass along with the plugin.