The crossbox macro is used to mark a feature on a sewing pattern to attach and reinforce an attachment between two pieces. This is regularly done by sewing along the outside of the pieces that needs to be joined, and then sewing along the diagonals too.

It is provided by plugin-annotations, which is part of core-plugins (so it is available by default).


macro('crossbox', {
  String id='crossbox',
  Point topLeft,
  Point bottomRight,
  String text,
  Boolean force = false,


Attach here


bottomRightPointThe bottom right point of the crossbox
topLeftPointThe top left point of the crossbox
idcrossboxstringThe ID of this macro instance
textStringOptional text to go in the center of the crossbox
forcefalsebooleanSet this to true to display the macro output even when complete is false


This macro takes the complete setting into account and won’t output anything when both complete and force are false.