The scalebox macro adds a scale box to your pattern. This box allows users to verify their pattern is printed to scale. The white inside of the box provides a metric scale, and the black outside of the box provides an imperial scale.

It is provided by plugin-annotations, which is part of core-plugins (so it is available by default).


macro('scalebox', {
  String id = 'scalebox',
  Point at,
  String lead,
  Number rotate,
  String text,
  String title,
  Boolean force = false,


FreeSewing This is the title v0.0.1 Support FreeSewing, become a patron The (white) inside of this box should measure 10cm x 5cm The (black) outside of this box should measure 4" x 2"


idscaleboxstringThe ID of this macro instance
atPointThe point to anchor the scale box on
leadFreeSewingStringThe lead text above the title
titlepattern name + versionStringThe title text
text(*)StringThe text below the title
rotate0NumberRotation in degrees
forcefalsebooleanSet this to true to display the macro output even when complete is false

(*) freesewingIsMadeByJoostDeCockAndContributors \n withTheFinancialSupportOfOurPatrons


This macro takes the complete setting into account and won’t output anything when both complete and force are false.