The pleat macro is used to mark a pleat on a pattern. It draws the appropriate lines perpendicular to the line going from from to to. The pleat macro follows the convention of paths being counter-clockwise to determine what is the inside or outside of the part.

It is provided by plugin-annotations, which is part of core-plugins (so it is available by default).


macro('pleat', {
  String id = 'pleat',
  Point from,
  Point to,
  Number margin = 35,
  Boolean reverse = false,
  Boolean force = false,
  Object calsses = {
    arrow: 'note',
    from: 'note',
    to: 'note dashed',



fromPointThe start point of the pleat
idpleatstringThe ID of this macro instance
toPointThe end point of the pleat
margin35NumberThe size (in mm) of the pleat lines
reversefalseBooleanReverses the two pleat lines and the arrow
forcefalsebooleanSet this to true to display the macro output even when complete is false
classes.arrownotestringCSS classes to apply to the arrow
classes.fromnotestringCSS classes to apply to the line at the from point
classes.tonote dashedstringCSS classes to apply to the line at the to point


This macro takes the complete setting into account and won’t output anything when both complete and force are false.