The cutonfold macro adds a cut on fold indicator to your pattern.

It is provided by plugin-annotations, which is part of core-plugins (so it is available by default).


macro('cutonfold', {
  String id="cutonfold",
  Point from,
  Boolean grainline=false,
  Number margin=5,
  Number offset=15,
  String prefix='',
  Point to,
  Boolean force = false,


Cut on fold / Grainline


fromPointThe startpoint of the cut on fold indicator
idcutonfoldstringThe ID of this macro instance
toPointThe endpoint of the cut on fold indicator
margin5NumberThe distance in % to keep from the start/end edge
offset15NumberThe distance in mm to offset from the line from start to end
prefix’cutonfold’StringA prefix to apply to the names of the generated path and points
grainlinefalseBooleanWhether this cutonfold indicator is also the grainline
forcefalsebooleanSet this to true to display the macro output even when complete is false


This macro takes the complete setting into account and won’t output anything when both complete and force are false.

It’s safe to use a corner of your pattern part for this

Since this is typically used on corners, the generated cut-on-fold indicator will not go all the way to the to and from points.