The ringsector macro drafts a ring sector, which is like a part of a donut with an inside and outside radius. It is particularly useful for drafting curved waistbands, circle skirts, and so on.

It is provided by the ringsector plugin.

Not a core-plugins macro

The ringsector macro is not provided by the core-plugins, so you need to load the ringsector plugin explicitly if you want to use it.


macro('ringsector', {
  String id='ringsector',
  Point center = new Point(0,0),
  Number angle,
  Number insideRadius,
  Number outsideRadius,
  Boolean rotate = false,



idringsectorStringThe id to use in auto-generate macro points and paths
centernew Point(0,0)PointThe center point of the ring sector
angleNumberThe angle the ring sector should cover
insideRadiusNumberThe inside radius of the ring sector
outsideRadiusNumberThe outside radius of the ring sector
rotatefalseBooleanWhether or not to rotate the ringsector so one of its sides is vertical (see example below)


The ringsector macro creates a path that can be used as a seam path for a part. If doing so, the left side of the path assumes a cutOnFold, as the sa is not offset here like it is along the rest of the path.

Example when rotate=true