A Part in FreeSewing holds all data, logic, and configuration of a Design. Parts truly are the building blocks of FreeSewing as they not only provide the configuration, but also a draft() method that does the actual work of drafting a parametric design.


A Part object comes with the following properties:

  • attributes : An Attributes instance holding the part’s attributes
  • hidden : When this is true the part will be hidden (excluding it from the output). See Part.hide(), Part.unhide(), and Part.setHidden() for various methods that allow setting this in a chainable way.
  • name : The name of the part
  • paths : Holds the paths used in the part
  • points : Holds the points used in the part
  • snippets : Holds the snippets used in the part

See Using Attributes for information about custom Attributes that can be used with Parts.


const part = {
  name: 'example.part',
  from: otherPart,
  after: [ yetAnotherPart, oneMorePart ],
  measurements: ['head', 'chest' ],
  optionalMeasurements: ['neck'],
  options: {
    headEase: { pct: 12, min: 5, max: 20 }
  hide: false,
  hideAll: false,
  hideDependencies: true,
  plugins: [ 
    [ plugin3, dataForPlugin3 ],
  draft: ({ part }
) => part


A Part object exposes the following methods:

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