Creating a new design

When creating a new design, you have two options. You can create it in a stand-alone development environment. Or, you can create it inside (your fork of) the FreeSewing monorepo.

If you are unsure what to pick, go with the stand-alone development environment. It is the best choice for people new to FreeSewing.

Working inside the monorepo is the preferred way of regular contributors, but if you were a regular contributor, you would probably already know this. So when in doubt, go stand-alone. You can always change track later.


To setup the stand-alone development environment, you need NodeJS 18 or higher. Then run:

Shell prompt
npx @freesewing/new-design

This command will setup FreeSewing’s stand-alone development environment.

Work inside the monorepo

First, fork our monorepo. Then run:

Shell prompt
git clone <url to your fork>
cd freesewing
yarn kickstart
yarn new design

These commands will clone your fork of the freesewing/freesewing repository on GitHub and set it up for development.