Showcase our patterns

Anytime somebody has made one of our patterns, we like to Showcase it on

How to get your pictures to us

If you’ve got pictures, there’s a few ways you can get them on the site:


You can share something you (or someone else, with permission) made based on our designs at


Post your pictures on Instagram, and tag or mention @freesewing_org.


Post your pictures — or a link to them — on (our Mastodon instance), and tag or mention @freesewing.


Post your pictures — or a link to them — on Facebook, and tag or mention the @FreeSewing group.


Post your pictures — or a link to them — in the #pattern-showcase channel on our Discord.


Post your pictures — or a link to them — in r/freesewing.


Create an issue on GitHub and attach your pictures to it, or include a link to the pictures.


Email your pictures — or a link to them — to

Tips for great pictures

Below are just a few easy tips and tricks for your Showcase post. Of course, any Showcase is infinitely better than nothing, so go ahead and send us those low-light mirror selfies - we love them.

But if you want to take things to the next level, a few things to consider:

Show it all

Show the whole garment. From multiple angles, if possible. It’s awesome to see garments from the front, but back and side views can be really helpful, too. Bonus points for adding in a seated picture, which are especially great for sewists who use a wheelchair.

Embrace the light

Take pictures in the best light you can — that might be next to a bright window, in a room where you’ve turned on all the extra lamps you could find, or that elusive “golden hour” outdoors. Bonus points if you can make it bright enough to not need a flash.


A neutral background can be helpful for seeing details. Try to avoid black on black or another setting that makes it hard to see what is what.

And remember that the outdoors is often the best background.


If you nailed that welt pocket or hand-stitched all your buttonholes, go ahead and show them off. Close-up pictures make the showcase so much more relevant for people looking to make the same thing.