Conclusion (of part 2)

You made it to the end of part 2, in which we got to do some real parametric design.

Wile our bib is a rather simple design, it did allow us to gain familiarity with FreeSewing’s core API.

You have learned how to create points. And seen various way to manipulate them, including some more advanced things like rotating a bunch of them out of the way.

You’ve also learned how to draw paths, which are the lines and curves that make up our pattern. And we’ve used macros which can help us with repetitive tasks.

What we’ve gotten so far is a perfectly suitable sewing pattern. You can print this, and make a nice bib out of it.

But when we stick to these basics, FreeSewing doesn’t really get a chance to shine. For that, I recommend Part 3 of this tutorial where we’ll go beyond the basics.