Dealing with laser cutters

Laser cutters is merely an example of a situation where your user wants not the complete detailed pattern with all annotations, but just the outlines. Essentially what we had at the end of part 2 of this tutorial.

Since then, we’ve added a bunch of embellishments, and perhaps the user does not want those.

Well, good news: there is a setting for that too. That setting is complete, and more annotations will automatically take it into account.

For example, if you put a logo or title on the pattern, it will check the complete setting and if it is false it will do nothing. When we say we’re going to complete our pattern, we mean we’re going to add things like a title and a scalebox and so on.

So while in most scenarios you don’t have to worry about complete, you should keep it in mind when you are adding text or paths to the design that should not be shown on a non-complete pattern.

An example will make this more clear:

Adding an indicator for bias tape

finishWithBiasTape 1 Saturday, Apr 6, 2024 bib FreeSewing Tutorial v0.0.1 ( ephemeral ) Cut 1 from main fabric FreeSewing Tutorial v0.0.1 Support FreeSewing, become a patron The (white) inside of this box should measure 10cm x 5cm The (black) outside of this box should measure 4" x 2"

And here is the exact same thing, but withe complete setting set to false: