Adding annotations

Our pattern is still a little bit bare. It would be nice to add some annotations to it.

When I say annotations it’s an umbrella term for things like text or other bits of information that help the user understand the pattern.

Adding snippets

Snippets are little re-useable things to embellish our pattern with. Things like buttons or buttonholes, a logo, or snaps.

To use them, much like points and paths, we need to destructure both the Snippet constructor as well as the snippets object to hold our snippets.

We’ll be using them below to add a snap-stud, snap-socket, and a logo snippet.


You can find all possible snippets in our documentation.

Setting the cutlist, adding a title and scalebox

We are also going to add a title and scalebox. For both of these we will use a macro. The title and scalebox macros to be precise.

Before we add the title, we will also set the cutlist via a method that was added to the store by one of the core plugins.

As a matter of fact, all of these snippets, macros, and store methods are provided by plugins. For more details, refer to the plugin guide.

1 Saturday, Apr 6, 2024 bib FreeSewing Tutorial v0.0.1 ( ephemeral ) Cut 1 from main fabric FreeSewing Tutorial v0.0.1 Support FreeSewing, become a patron The (white) inside of this box should measure 10cm x 5cm The (black) outside of this box should measure 4" x 2"