How to communicate to the user

As a designer, there are times you want to bring something to the attention of the user. I am not talking about generic information that can go in the documentation, but rather a message that is tailored specifically to this pattern, much like this pattern is specifically tailored to the user.

Doing so is possible with the various store.flag methods, and below is our updated bib making use of this. It’s important to realize that things will look the same here. But if you load this pattern in the development environment (or on for that matter) the user will see this:

A message for the user

It’s a simple example, but I hope it gets the point across.

Finally, keep in mind that we are now straddling the world of the core library and frontend integration. These messages won’t do anything unless you have a frontend the shows them.

In other words core does not care. We are merely storing data in the store and relying on the frontend to show this data to the user. We merely offer standard methods to do so, but you can choose to ignore this info, or show it in a different way in your own frontend implementation.

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