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If you are looking to use FreeSewing to design parametric sewing patterns, below are the most relevant materials on this site for you:

Before you start

Outlines the minimal prerequisites you should understand before you dive in, including:

Pattern design best practices

In design as in code, there’s often many different ways to accomplish the same result. We have a list of best practices that we recommend you follow. Even if in the end you make your own choices, we recommend you at least ready through them once. They include:

Design guide

We’ve so far been talking about patterns but what you’re really be creating is a design. What the difference is, and what goes into a design to generate a pattern is explained in our design guide:

Pattern design tutorial

This is our pattern design tutorial. If you’re new to designing patterns with FreeSewing, following the tutorial is the fastest way to get started:

Plugin guide

FreeSewing can be extended with plugins. We provide a range of plugins that you can use. However, if you’d like to write your own plugins, you should also read the guide on how they work:

Common design challenges

This is a list of common challenges in designing parametric sewing patterns, and tips on how to tackle them:

Common code challenges

While designing patterns in code has a lot of benefits, there might be times where things that are intuitive on paper don’t come naturally to you. This is a list of common code challenges and how to tackle them:

Core API

This is the reference documentation for FreeSewing’s core library. This is where you can look up every possible API call with examples:


This is the reference documentation for macros provided by FreeSewing’s own plugins:


This is the reference documentation for snippets provided by FreeSewing’s own plugins:


This is the list of all plugins we provide:

Missing something?

If you are missing something or have questions not covered here, the #pattern-design channel on discord.freesewing.org is the best place to ask questions.